Monocle Hardcover Notebook Set

These pocketsized notebooks are ideal to take on the road.


Monocle Softcover Notebook Set

These pocket-sized notebooks are ideal to take on the road.

Mark’s 2016 Weekly Diary

Monocle’s year planner has become a firm favourite and everyone needs one to lock down meetings and holidays plus those all-important birthdays and anniversaries.

Paper Pouch by BT

This minimalist, eco-friendly pouch is designed by BT in Thailand. The waxed paper ensures that the pouch is durable enough to hold all your essentials.

Monocle Desk Mat

This Monocle leather desk mat is the perfect finishing touch to your office setting. Thanks to the absence of waxing, the colour changes as it ages resulting in a beautifully unique product.

Monocle Large Leather Notebook

This is an ideal catch-all for good ideas, helpful notes and checking off those all-important lists – it is that time of year, after all.

Monocle Accordion Pocket Notebook

The return of an old friend with a brand new design, this accordion notebook comes with a document holder at the back to keep your letters and receipts in a safe place.

Monocle Accordion Document-Holder Set

After the success of the accordion notebook last year, Monocle is proud to present this document holder set.

Monocle Classic Notebook

This A5 notebook features a forest green linen cover with gold-embossed Monocle logo.


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