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We discuss elections in Brazil and Uruguay, analyse the process for choosing Olympic cities, and review the Asian newspapers with Heidi Wang.

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775 24 Oct 2014

We discuss elections in Brazil and Uruguay, analyse the process for choosing Olympic cities, and review the Asian newspapers with Heidi Wang.

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774 23 Oct 2014

As the Syrian government continues its air strikes against rebels in the country, we assess whether Bashar al-Assad’s regime is winning the war. Plus, the latest from the closing stages of Toronto’s mayoral campaign and we pay tribute to Alvin Stardust, who has died aged 72.

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773 22 Oct 2014

As the lockdown of Canada’s parliament building continues, we report on the Ottawa gun attack. We ask how products branded with images of Hitler made it to the shelves and trace the life of Madrid’s first skyscraper.

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772 21 Oct 2014

Can support from former Brazilian president Lula Inácio de Silva help swing the election for his successor Dilma Rousseff? We also hear how women conquered broadcast news in the US with author Sheila Weller.

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771 20 Oct 2014

As Indonesia’s new president is inaugurated, we assess what kind of leader he might be, plus news of the search for a Russian submarine off the Stockholm archipelago and journalist Matt Bai discusses his new book.

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770 17 Oct 2014

As Brazil’s presidential election reaches its climax we report from the campaign trail. Also on the programme we discuss the EU talks with presidents Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko and review the Asian newspapers.

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769 16 Oct 2014

We ask whether the fragile Euro zone can be fixed and reflect on this week’s elections in Mozambique. Also on the programme we hear about the latest Apple launch and review the Asian newspapers.

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768 15 Oct 2014

What is the extent of the Islamic State threat within Bahrain – and should the US end its embargo on Cuba? We also celebrate political figures in musicals and go dumpster diving in Vancouver.

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767 14 Oct 2014

As the UK parliament votes on the recognition of Palestine, we assess notions of statehood. Author Paul Barrett introduces his new book and we are live at London’s Guildhall for the announcement of the Man Booker Prize.

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766 13 Oct 2014

As the French economist Jean Tirole is awarded the Nobel Prize in economics, we assess the effectiveness of global financial regulation. You can also hear a veteran Vatican commentator with the latest from the family synod in Rome and our round-up of the opening weekend of India’s new football league.

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765 10 Oct 2014

As North Korea agrees to EU human-rights talks, we ask what it might mean for the nation. Plus, we review the new Norwegian banknotes and go through the day’s front pages.

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764 9 Oct 2014

We discuss the logistical challenges of Ebola screenings at airports, uncover the latest Brazilian election controversy and report from Monocle book-launch parties in Madrid and Toronto.

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