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Monocle’s show about the world of food and drink.

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Monocle’s show about the world of food and drink.

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158 24 Oct 2014

Monocle’s show about the world of food and drink.

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157 17 Oct 2014

How is Lebanon’s wine industry affected by the war in Syria? We also visit the ultimate honey shop in Montréal and meet one of Sweden's most famous TV chefs: Leila Lindholm.

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156 10 Oct 2014

We investigate the most important ingredients of a good recipe, meet a Belgrade-based chef promoting Swedish food and chat to Martin Morales, an ambassador for Peruvian food and music in London.

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155 3 Oct 2014

We report from the harvest at Thessaloniki’s urban vineyard, explore modern takes on classic cocktails, meet one of Delhi’s top chefs and discuss the latest developments in Japan’s brewing industry.

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154 26 Sep 2014

Jeff Arnett, master distiller at Jack Daniel’s talks about the latest in the whiskey industry, we speak to Henrietta Lovell who provides tea to some of the world’s top restaurants and is quinoa about to experience another renaissance?

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153 19 Sep 2014

Cookery icon Martha Stewart tells us about her favourite meal, we discuss the best local ingredients that South Africa has to offer with chef Margot Janse, and get the week’s biggest restaurant news from the US.

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152 12 Sep 2014

We visit the gelato world championship in Rimini, hear of a cat-café feud in Montréal and meet two top chefs: Australian Bill Granger and London's Ollie Dabbous.

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151 5 Sep 2014

A meeting with world-famous Mexican chef Enrique Olvera who is launching a new restaurant in New York, we visit a restaurant that wants to prove that there is more variation to paella than you might think, and get this week’s food and drink news from Istanbul.

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150 29 Aug 2014

MAD4 Symposium special: we are in Copenhagen to speak to the most interesting chefs, food producers and thinkers attending the annual event spearheaded by Noma's René Redzepi.

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149 22 Aug 2014

We hear about a new concept in Milan that blurs the lines between traditional Italian restaurants and after-hours bars, meet restaurant critic and food writer Jay Rayner to shoot down myths about good food, and visit Singapore to hear of the latest innovations in the local coffee scene.

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148 15 Aug 2014

We revisit the Science of Taste Symposium that took place in Copenhagen, dig up a Torontonian restaurant that uses soil as an ingredient and check in on the latest airplane-food innovations.

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147 8 Aug 2014

Chef Paul Liebrandt tells us about his new restaurant in Brooklyn, The Elm, journalist Will Hawkes swings by the studio armed with a round of brews to tell us about the London Beer City festival, we head to Seattle to sample some Native American food, and visit the Dr. Konstantin Frank vineyard – one of New York state’s oldest wineries. Plus, Kathleen Burk joins Markus Hippi to talk Lambrusco, and we get the week’s food-industry headlines from Hong Kong.

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