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Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.

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The best of Turkish wines: We taste some of the best Turkish wines and check in at a Viennese café-cum-reception desk called Zur Rezeption. Plus: we enjoy some Hepple Gin, created by British chef Valentine Warner.

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2255 Feb 2016

The best of Turkish wines: 

We taste some of the best Turkish wines and check in at a Viennese café-cum-reception desk called Zur Rezeption. Plus: we enjoy some Hepple Gin, created by British chef Valentine Warner.

22429 Jan 2016

Distilled with care : 

We get a taste for the first artisanal gin made in Bangkok, discuss the future of the British pub, discover unique honey-beer brand Hiver and hear the week’s top news from the US.

22322 Jan 2016

American caviar: 

We discuss why caviar from the US should be taken seriously, hear stories about running a restaurant in Kabul and learn why Hong Kong’s food trucks may set an example for the rest of the world.

22215 Jan 2016

Supporting local producers: 

We head to a high-end chocolate business in the heart of the Amazon and meet a former financier who is introducing products from his small Spanish hometown to the world. Plus: a round-up of current Swiss kitchen trends.

2218 Jan 2016

Restaurants for the new year: 

We visit two new restaurants that are exerting big influences: Berlin’s Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Pittsburgh’s Whitfield.

2201 Jan 2016

Both sides of the border: 

We compare North and South Korean kimchi and discover what Australian producers have to offer in terms of exports to China. Plus: we get a taste for Seedlip, the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled drink.

21925 Dec 2015

Best of 2015 : 

In a special edition on the best of 2015 we meet guerrilla brewers in Bangkok, check out some of the best cocktails Tel Aviv has to offer and visit an English restaurant that is breaking records in how local its food is. Plus: we sit down with a bunch of top chefs from around the world, including April Bloomfield, Magnus Nilsson, Vicky Lau and Wolfgang Puck.

21818 Dec 2015

Holiday drinks : 

Wine lessons from star US sommelier Belinda Chang, top drink tips for the holiday season and the week’s headlines from Latin America.

21711 Dec 2015

Sushi’s got talent: 

We find out what happens when Japanese sushi chefs are challenged on their home turf, we pay a visit to The British Museum of Food and report on what is possibly the best pizza in the whole of the US.

2164 Dec 2015

Spreading the word : 

We get a taste for a Madrid pop-up that introduces regional culinary talents from all over Spain to a wider audience. We also discover Our/Vodka, an alcohol brand that aims to be global and local at the same time. Plus: the biggest news of the week from our friends at ‘Food Republic’.

21527 Nov 2015

Back to the bistro: 

We hear about a new initiative that aims to bring life back to Paris’s restaurants after the terrorist attacks. We also get some tips for food-beer pairing from Stephen Beaumont. Plus: the best of South Tyrol’s wines.

21420 Nov 2015

Wine from the Italian Alps: 

South Tyrol is one of the oldest wine growing regions in Europe. However, the boost in quality during the last decades has been tremendous. Hear from local wine makers how they see the future of their products - and what the new generation of winemakers will do differently.

21313 Nov 2015

Bangkok’s guerrilla beer brewers: 

We discover how Bangkok’s brewers push the boundaries of beer despite onerous regulation. We also talk to star chef Enrique Olvera about the gems of Mexican cuisine. Plus: business tips from Brewdog founder James Watt.

2126 Nov 2015

The gems of New Zealand’s wine cellars: 

We visit a new wine store in London that is dedicated to New Zealand’s wines, hear tips from gin expert Aaron Knoll and discover a new condiment brand hoping to change public perception of ketchup, mustard and mayo.

21130 Oct 2015

The secrets of the north: 

Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken tells us about ‘The Nordic Cookbook’, a massive release that reveals what the world still doesn’t know about cooking heritage in northern Europe. We also learn how one chef is trying to bring peace through chickpeas in Israel. Plus: we get the week’s headlines from North America.

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