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The Opener / Andrew Tuck

In good company

In good company

We made a mini magazine this week just for us (sorry). We wanted to have something that tells our story, explores all that we do in the world, puts the spotlight on our amazing team (especially some of the folk who work behind the scenes to keep us on track, on budget and on time) and reveals a little about where we are heading. It seems that everyone in the company now wants to get their hands on it – it’s something that we can give to new recruits, pop into the totes of delegates at the Monocle Quality of Life Conference, share with business partners and the forgetful (me).It’s a project that we have been meaning to do for a while but, like the architect who never finds the spare time to design a house for themselves, making a magazine about the magazine (and so much more these days) took us a little while to get out the door. I might have been a bit tardy. One of the fun things was creating a timeline of how Monocle has developed since its launch back in 2007 and trying to remember when the various bureaux and shops opened, when books came out, when the very first podcast aired.On Thursday, Tyler was in town (he’ll also be master of ceremonies today at the Swiss Summer Market being held at Midori House – come along) and a nice dinner was put in the diary at The Arlington in St James’s. It was a foursome – Josh, our editor, also came, as did Rich, our creative director – and we had a prime table in the middle of the glorious theatre of a well-run restaurant.

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