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Against the grain

Oatly CEO Toni Petersson has raised the drink’s profile by revamping its brand, tapping into consumers’ eco-desires and antagonising the dairy industry.

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50 steps to improving your city

Elevating the urban environment needn’t call for grand blueprints from city planners, nor sweeping regeneration. Small projects and individual details can make a difference. Here are a few starters from our editors.


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Future imperfect

Sichuan was one of China’s poorest provinces until investment from Beijing and abroad brought boom times to its capital. Chengdu and its ‘pambassadors’ went on a global sales offensive.

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Eager weavers

Cebu is the manufacturing base for many high-end international furniture brands but it’s only recently gaining the recognition it deserves for its skilled craftsmanship. Meet the people boosting the city’s reputation and…

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The Agrarian Kitchen

Three years ago, Australian chef Rodney Dunn and his wife swapped the city for the countryside to start their own farm-based cooking school. It’s a growing concern...

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Head in the sky

As chief executive of Cathay Pacific, it’s John Slosar’s job to steer the airline along a straight path as it increases its reach in China, while keeping staff and passengers on board.

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Happy valley

The people of Yogyakarta are a contented lot and they have good reason. The city is not only the cultural heart of Java but thanks to leaders who have stamped out corruption, it’s a vibrant business centre too.

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World apart

Tasmania is a quiet force on the design scene but government backing, a decent museum and a school saved from closure are helping to put it on the world map and attract clients from abroad. We visit the studios of five…

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George Town

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a renovation project then George Town has plenty of dilapidated charm and shop-houses waiting for new owners. Adding to its draw, part of the city has been declared a world heritage…

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Joint effort

Midland Atelier is a design powerhouse that attracts people to train from all over the world and offers opportunities to local creative talent. In Western Australia, where mining is the major industry, it’s a breath of…

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Expo 51: Black gold

The mining boom in Western Australia has seen both the natural and economic landscapes transformed. New services fly thousands of workers in and out each week. So Monocle went to dig a little deeper.

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Northern exposure

The Chinese city of Harbin is quickly establishing itself as a regional power, bringing in investment and cashing in on its food and fashion. Although it’s still a long way off Shanghai, it’s proving that it’s far from grim…

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Last resort

The once-neglected southern isle of Hainan is China’s newest and biggest tourism hub, thanks to a €381bn revamp with new palatial hotels, airports, a highway and rail links. But could this be a front for covert military…

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Toast of the town

In Singapore a battle is taking place – a battle to dominate the toast-and-spread market. And with the formula proving ever-popular at home, it’s big business for the leading brands who have their eyes set on the rest of…

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Founding father

In under four years the Hong Kong International Art Fair has become a key date on dealers’ and buyers’ calendars. Founding director Magnus Renfrew tells us about his work life, and how billionaires and airplanes helped him…

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Ready and able

In a resource-hungry world, Singapore’s key strategic position between China and India means it feels the need to maintain a defence policy of deterrence.

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People power

With bleak job prospects facing its population, the Philippines has turned the search for work into an export success story by encouraging its most valuable resource -its people - to train abroad.

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Dub be good to me

Across the world there are people who are literally being John Malkovich. Or Homer Simpson or Paris Hilton. And in their home nations the voices of dubbing artists are more famous than those of their Hollywood counterparts…

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Why did the Samoan cross the road? (It’s all in the name of regional harmony), Australia and New Zealand drop their guards and rock’n’roll rescues aboriginal languages.

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Look & listen

Monocle’s summer arts calendar creams off the pick of the albums to line up, the books to take to the beach, the shows to saunter round and the movies to get to grips with in the evening – preferably in an open-air cinema…

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Track record

Switzerland’s reputation for being the most efficient country in the world is not undeserved: SBB, the state-controlled railways, has a 96 per cent punctuality rate and slick service.


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