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Gritty and confident, Tel Aviv is building on its reputation as a European city perched on the corner of the Middle East. With an explosion of technology start-ups, Tel Aviv is quietly becoming an unlikely incubator of innovation. Founded in 1909, the city is the world’s only Hebrew metropolis but is increasingly looking to internationalise itself.

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  1. Your best public transport option is the “sherut” - mini-vans that ply the city’s main arteries picking up and dropping off passengers on request.
  2. Tel Aviv’s 14km of coast is its crown jewel and – weather permitting – a dip in the sea is a must.
  3. Israeli wines are becoming world-class. Wineries of note include Recanati, Dalton, Yarden and Binyamina.
  4. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, established in 1932, showcases art, design and architecture exhibitions ranging from Jackson Pollock to Konstantin Grcic. Its stunning Herta and Paul Amir Building designed by Preston Scott Cohen is worth a visit.
  5. HaTachana, the old train station at Jaffa’s northern edge that operated between 1892 and 1948, was recently transformed into a one-stop shop for local fashion, design and food. Be sure to visit the Friday Organic Market.

Two-hour tour

  • Bauhaus Foundation Museum

    21 Bialik Street

    +972 3620 4664

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  • Peres Center for Peace and Ajami Neighborhood — Massimiliano Fuksas’ sea-front structure is an elegant melange of shimmering concrete and glass.

    132 Kedem Street

    +972 3568 0680

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  • 49th floor of the round building, Azrieli Towers — Panoramic view of the city (and a good lunch at the 2C restaurant).

    132 Menachem Begin Road

    +972 3608 1990


  • Independent and easy

    The Rothschild 71

    71 Rothschild Boulevard

    +972 3629 0555

    Visit website
  • Dependable chain

    David Intercontinental Hotel

    12 Kaufman Street

    +972 3795 1111

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  • Premium

    The Norman

    23-25 Nachmani Street

    +972 3543 5555

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  • Fast breakfast

    The Brasserie

    70 Ibn Gvirol Street

    +972 3696 7111

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  • Leisurely breakfast


    Jaffa Flea Market

    +972 3682 3821

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  • Sunset cocktails


    10 Kikar Kedumim

    +972 3681 9998

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  • Dinner with friends


    182 Ben Yehuda Street

    +972 3522 1224

    Visit website
  • Big celebration dinner


    96 Yigal Alon Street

    +972 3624 0044

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  • Drinks after dinner

    The Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar

    66 Hayarkon Street

    +972 54476 4464

    Visit website
  • Late dinner

    Mizlala by Meir Adoni

    57 Nahalat Binyamin

    +972 3566 5505

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  • Mid-morning coffee


    10 Shabazi Street

    +972 3510 9292

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  • Lunch with friends


    15 Rothschild Boulevard

    +972 3510 0039

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  • Dinner for two


    4 Berkowitz Street

    +972 3693 5151

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  • Late drinks

    Port Said

    5 Har Sinai

    +972 3620 7436


  • Bookshop

    Sipur Pashut

    36 Shabazi Street

    +972 3510 7040

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  • Something you can't get anywhere else

    Bauhaus Center

    99 Dizengoff Street

    +972 3522 0249

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  • Lost luggage - where to buy shirts


    Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff and King George Streets

    +972 3622 7444

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  • Something for the kids

    Made in TLV

    HaTachana, Jaffa

    +972 3510 4333

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  • Something for someone you love

    Olia for premium, Israeli-made olive oil and olive oil products

    73 Frishman Street

    +972 3522 3235

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  • Something for yourself

    Shlush Shloshim Cermaics Gallery

    31 Shabazi Street

    +972 3510 6067

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  • Public transport — Tel Aviv is the hub for Israel’s elaborate public transport system - where its main national and local bus networks converged with the nation’s increasingly expanding train lines. Within the city itself, short-term travellers should skip buses in favour of reasonably priced taxis while the nearby Jerusalem, Haifa or the Dead Sea are easily reached by the Egged Bus Line ( Trains ( are best for rides north to high-tech Herzliyah and down south to Beer Sheva, while journeys from Ben Gurion International Airport are easiest via taxi.

  • Rent a bike — Tel Aviv’s public bike-sharing scheme offers cycles by the day or hour at locations city-wide.

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  • Good gym

    Sheva Spa & Gym

    Hilton Tel Aviv, 205 Hayarkon Street, Independence Park

    +972 3520 2222

  • Good running route — Tel Aviv's Mediterranean-front Tayelet (promenade) is flat, well-paved, scenic and now extends from the well-heeled north to its bohemian south. Expect to clock in a good 10km each way.


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