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A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.

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We analyse the latest developments in the Germanwings crash, get the week’s biggest stories in numbers from Ipsos Mori’s Ben Page and ask why Italian food is being talked about in Toronto.

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882 27 Mar 2015

Friday 27 March: 

We analyse the latest developments in the Germanwings crash, get the week’s biggest stories in numbers from Ipsos Mori’s Ben Page and ask why Italian food is being talked about in Toronto.

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881 26 Mar 2015

Thursday 27 March: 

We examine claims that the Germanwings crash could have been deliberate, hear how Spain is righting historical wrongs and learn about Tokyo’s loneliest tuna fish.

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880 25 Mar 2015

Wednesday 25 March: 

We hear the latest on the Germanwings air crash in France, learn what Afghan president Ashraf Ghani is saying in Washington and hear why painting your house in Sweden is no straightforward matter.

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879 24 Mar 2015

Tuesday 24 March: 

We establish details of the Germanwings plane crash in France, learn why Israel is allegedly spying on both the US and Iran, and find out why Norwegian seafood is off the menu in Japan and China.

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878 23 Mar 2015

Monday 23 March: 

We look at the tumultuous meeting of minds between Germany and Greece's leaders in Berlin, learn why Russia is threatening to nuke Danish warships and remember Singapore leader Lee Kuan Yew.

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877 20 Mar 2015

Friday 20 March: 

Unrest continues to boil over in Yemen with two unidentified fighter planes attacking the home of President Hadi. Is there any way back for the crumbling nation? We also weigh up the seriousness of warnings of an imminent Isis strike against Europe and look back at the controversies of former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser.

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876 19 Mar 2015

Thursday 19 March: 

British military personnel are in Ukraine on an army training mission, but will it ruffle Russian feathers? And this weekend's election in Spain’s Andalusia region is set to hint at things to come for the economically strained nation. We cross to Madrid, before checking in on the EU leaders summit in Brussels.

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875 18 Mar 2015

Wednesday 18 March: 

We discuss the aftermath of Israel's election result with an adviser to the country's former prime minister. And in Germany, amid furious riots in Frankfurt over a new base for the European Central Bank, we hear why it's not entirely unexpected. Then we take a look at what's got Starbucks in a frothy mess after a clumsy PR campaign.

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874 17 Mar 2015

Tuesday 17 March: 

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out a two-state solution with Palestine but could a win for the Zionist Union change that? Plus, would you fly Malaysia Airlines? As the company struggles to retain customers, the country’s government announces plans to launch an all-new carrier. We also take a snapshot of some rather tiny retail spaces.

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873 16 Mar 2015

Monday 16 March: 

EU ministers are discussing how to back peace talks in Libya – but without a ceasefire is it all a bit premature? We also cross to Kiev to ask Ukraine's ambassador at large whether diplomacy has any role in solving the ongoing unrest in the East. Plus: why is Egypt building a new capital in the middle of the desert?

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872 13 Mar 2015

Friday 13 March: 

We discuss the UN’s response to US-Iran nuclear talks, a former UK ambassador explains the finer points of diplomatic protocol and we investigate Japan’s overseas soft-power push.

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871 12 Mar 2015

Thursday 12 March: 

We discuss Iraqi military gains against Isis in Tikrit and the North Korean and Russian ‘year of friendship’, analyse the Greek/German reparations question with our correspondent in Athens and meet the director of global property industry event MIPIM in Cannes.

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