Culture / Arts

Top five from the culture desk

April 2015

For Monocle's Quality of Life Conference in Lisbon, Robert Bound put the spotlight on five things from the field of culture that are worthy of an encore. Sit back for cool museums and steamy cinema experiences.

Culture / Media

Spread the Word

March 2014

There is a weight of passion, wit, intellect and fun to be found on Italy's screens, in its speakers and in its print. Monocle delves into the quirks of the country's news and entertainment, and finds the best of its lea…

Culture / Soft Power

'Typisch Deutsch?'

January 2014

Punctual? Rigorous? Romantic? What does it mean to be typically German? Rolf Sachs, a half-German, half-French artist and designer with a wry eye and a scarf made from dusters, explores the clichés that form his notion of…

Culture / Arts

Arctic inspiration

November 2013

The Arctic has inspired the world for centuries with tales of adventure and exploration. Monocle heads to Denmark to see the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s current exhibition, Arctic, that seeks out the past and present…

Culture / Film

Berlin film scene

February 2013

The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the most influential showcases in the world and part of Germany’s rich cinema tradition. Join Monocle for a look at the city’s relationship with filmmaking.

Culture / Film

Doha Tribeca Film Festival

November 2012

Political revolutions and their aftermath are fertile conditions for filmmakers. Monocle took a front-row seat at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, to witness the cinema of change emerging in the Arab region.

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