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Futuristic retrospective
Challenging convention

Although he’s an architect, Tristian Auer’s job title could also be “stage director”. The Paris-based designer sees his clients’ homes as a set and their owners as the stars of the show. Like any good director, Auer has a strong creative vision, one that is embodied in the new bathroom concept that he’s designed with himself as the client (or in the lead role, if you will). “For me, it was a gift to do this project because it’s always very interesting to work for myself,” he says. “I could be crazy and I didn’t have to please or seduce anybody or teach anything.”

The Blade Runner Bathroom, Auer’s creation draws inspiration from the sci-fi film Blade Runner and Hong Kong’s high-rise apartments. He developed an aesthetic that strikes a balance between 1980s nostalgia and futurism. Here, we learn how Auer used the Axor Edge collection to capture this mood, showing how imaginative combinations can buck trends, break one-size-fits-all conventions and reflect an individual’s sense of luxury, style and wellbeing.


Changing perspective
Free yourself from constraints
With The Blade Runner Bathroom, Auer opted for the Axor Edge tap by Jean-Marie Massaud, mounted on a freestanding stone basin. “I prefer to say, ‘room with a bath’ rather than ‘bathroom’ because it’s a real room where you do something,” says Auer. “That’s why I design freestanding washbasins.”

Timeless tastes
Balancing the past with the present
Axor Universal Rectangular Accessories, designed by Philippe Starck, are key to giving The Blade Runner Bathroom a timelessly modern touch. Auer knows that a home is only built for longevity when the objects that furnish it don’t feel tied to a certain period.


Cutting-edge comfort
Where technology meets taste
Comfort and convenience will never go out of style. With this in mind, Auer opted for the Axor ShowerHeaven and the Axor Edge thermostat to provide cutting-edge functionality in the shower area.



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