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Go above and beyond

LG SIGNATURE is driven by a desire to elevate. Drawing on craftsmanship, innovation and authenticity, the ultra-premium brand allows customers to enjoy next-level convenience, cutting-edge technology and design that enhances quality of life and lets you 'live beyond'.  

The screen and the box need power input respectively. Optional floor stand is exclusive bundle of 97inch M3 only.

Better living

From a sleek yet capacious washing machine with smartphone connectivity to an immersive OLED TV screen that can be rolled away conveniently after use, the best home appliances can actively improve your quality of life. Innovations in technology and design can truly elevate your experience beyond expectation if they result in real-world benefits of convenience and improved usability for all. 

Mark of quality

No one understands and executes this convergence of art and technology better than LG SIGNATURE. The ultra-premium brand of LG was founded on a philosophy of craftsmanship, innovation and authenticity – and only products with the most advanced levels of technology and design fall under the coveted LG SIGNATURE banner. 

Cutting edge 

Launched in 2016, LG SIGNATURE’s first collection set new standards of luxurious minimalism. As a result, the unveiling of the second-generation line-up at CES 2023, the world’s most influential technology event, caused a stir. The first fruits of that hotly-anticipated launch will be LG SIGNATURE OLED M, the world’s first wireless 97-inch OLED TV. By removing unsightly cables and letting you focus on the screen, it creates an unrivalled viewing experience. It will also make good on the brand’s promise to “live beyond”. These products are set to act as industry benchmarks and encourage you to lead a better, more enjoyable life.

Without limitations

When entertaining guests, you want your experience elevated by convenient and simple design. LG SIGNATURE OLED M wireless transmission technology can be effortlessly connected anywhere that you desire. Prepare to liberate your living room and beyond.


Ready to host

Hosting a perfect home movie night is like hosting a great party – it should appear effortless. And that requires a TV which can combine convenience, usability and good design. LG SIGNATURE OLED M provides just that. Its innovative Zero Connect Box is capable of wirelessly transmitting 4K 120Hz signals to a self-lit OLED screen. This seamless transfer of data ensures a clear, crisp picture and sound without interruption or degradation of quality.  

Flexible design 

The benefits are three-fold. Firstly, it is location-free. With a crisp wireless signal provided by the voice recognition-enabled Zero Connect Box, the screen can be placed anywhere – giving interior designers and homeowners unprecedented levels of flexibility. Floor stands and zero-gap wall mounts add to the versatility, letting you effortlessly rearrange a room to suit your needs.

One to watch

Secondly, it is clutter-free. The world’s first wireless OLED TV is free of twisted cables and peripheral devices. And with no visual distractions, you can enjoy your TV watching experience as part of a sophisticated, minimal lifestyle. Thirdly, it is hassle-free. The wireless screen can be activated without touching it so there’s no reaching around the back to plug and unplug devices. More than just a convenient piece of state-of-the-art technology, LG SIGNATURE OLED M is a provider of endless possibilities: perfect movie nights, elegant living spaces and free time that feels truly free. 


Enriching your life

LG SIGNATURE OLED M has pushed the boundaries of technologies in ways that aren’t just gimmicks – these are smart features that will allow the uninterrupted enjoyment of gaming time, family movie nights and more for many years to come.


The next level

LG SIGNATURE not only has OLED M but it also has continued to create the most advanced and pioneering lifestyle innovations in recent years. These include  the world’s first and only rollable OLED TV and the world’s first and only OLED 8K TV. This relentless pursuit of innovation has also resulted in the world's first and only 4K 120Hz wireless OLED TV, which scooped more than 70 awards at CES 2023 and impressed with its next-level wireless technology and unrivalled quality of sound and display. 

Live beyond 

By understanding that a blend of cutting-edge design and technology can elevate timeless values and bring convenience to our daily lives, LG SIGNATURE has continued to provide a whole new level of experience – every detail is designed to capture attention, engage the senses and surpass expectations. And this is made possible by the brand’s ambition to help you “live beyond”.

World leader

Great design is at its best when it continues to innovate in a purposeful manner. LG, the mother brand of LG SIGNATURE, has consistently proven its technology leadership in this respect. It has remained the world’s best-selling OLED TV manufacturer for the past 10 years through a desire to make more than just great products – and the launch of the award-winning LG SIGNATURE OLED M is set to reaffirm once again the brand’s position as the world’s number one.



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