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Cover art for The Monocle Daily
19 May 2017
5 min

The Monocle Daily - Reboot, reuse, recycle: 

Coming to a small screen near you soon – a reboot! Why are so many networks bringing back old favourites? And will it work?

Cover art for The Briefing
10 May 2017
6 min

The Briefing - Is Murdoch eyeing another TV network?: 

Amid dire business results at Australian television broadcaster Ten, rumours are rife that Rupert Murdoch could take advantage of proposed changes to media laws to snap up the free-to-air network.

Cover art for The Globalist
4 May 2017
11 min

The Globalist - Crossing a line: 

We learn why job losses at Australian newspapers have led to journalists across the nation going on strike.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
21 Apr 2017
3 min

The Monocle Daily - Milan: radio city: 

Monocle 24’s Daniel Giacopelli meets the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala, to discuss why the city is opening its doors to radio broadcasters.

Cover art for Midori House
20 Apr 2017
6 min

Midori House - Fox News after O’Reilly: 

Fox News’s star presenter and biggest moneymaker Bill O’Reilly has been forced off the network that made him famous following allegations of sexual harassment.

Cover art for The Globalist
3 Mar 2017
10 min

The Globalist - ​Monocle Media Summit: 

Last night at the inaugural Monocle Media Summit we examined the future of print publishing. Here we join photographer Lynsey Addario and war correspondent Lyse Doucet as they discuss the power of on-the-ground reportage.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
2 Mar 2017
7 min

The Monocle Daily - How to fix online commenting: 

Norway’s public broadcaster wants readers to take a quiz on the contents of an online article before they can comment on it. Is this a brilliant or an unwise idea?

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
31 Jan 2017
10 min

The Monocle Daily - ​The media’s ‘Weimar’ moment: 

Lee Siegel wrote an article, ‘The Media’s Weimar Moment’, last year. In it he wondered how the media might respond if Trump was elected – so what’s his verdict?

Cover art for The Stack
29 Jul 2017
30 min

The Stack - Rethinking fashion magazines: 

This week on The Stack we speak to the editor of a magazine aiming to be a platform for critical thinking in fashion. Plus, a closer look at the ‘FT Weekend Magazine’.

Cover art for The Stack
10 Jun 2017
27 min

The Stack - How print media covers terrorist attacks: 

A look on how print media covers terrorist attacks with Simon Jenkins, Shashank Joshi, Philip Seib and Pascal Hollenstein.

Cover art for The Foreign Desk
13 May 2017
26 min

The Foreign Desk - Covering the UK election: 

The UK goes to the polls next month but enthusiasm for the vote is somewhat limited. For the media, reporting on this election is no easy task. Steve Bloomfield is joined by George Parker, political editor for ‘The Financial Times’, Gaby Hinsliff, political editor at ‘The Pool’ and Darren McCaffrey, politics correspondent for Sky News, to ask how this election will be covered.

Cover art for The Stack
4 Mar 2017
49 min

The Stack - The Monocle Media Summit: 

Highlights from the inaugural Monocle Media Summit: we ask whether money is still made from print and assess Germany’s print prowess.

Cover art for The Monocle Arts Review
22 Feb 2017
15 min

The Monocle Arts Review - TV: Ben Rylan : 

Reviews of ‘Supergirl’, Australian show ‘Please Like Me’ and ‘The Golden Girls’ (now that it’s streaming on Hulu).

Cover art for Culture with Robert Bound
13 Feb 2017
27 min

Culture with Robert Bound - Why hasn’t the digital world killed the world of paper?: 

Once declared a thing of the past, why do we still love paper so much? We speak to the founder of a stationery shop, visit a paper mill and gallery in Singapore and examine the colour palette of an established papermaker.

Cover art for Culture with Robert Bound
6 Feb 2017
29 min

Culture with Robert Bound - How does Netflix commission original content?: 

Robert Bound heads to Netflix HQ in LA to meet the people behind the behemoth of online streaming.







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