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Issue 83

Featuring part one of our sharply focused 2015 Design Directory, our latest issue is out now. From the Southeast Asian architects making waves to the interiors trends reshaping our homes there's plenty on offer for the aesthetically minded, in addition to our usual polished round-up of culture, business and global affairs.

Issue 25

Where to live and work? The Most Livable Cities Index. Our 2009 survey of the top 25 cities for quality of life: who’s improved, who’s slipped and who’s dropped out of Monocle’s global ranking of the places that have it sorted.

Mediterraneo 2010

Back to the building blocks: A fix for Greece. Monocle travels to Athens and the islands beyond to find a recipe for fixing a nation.

Issue 23

Vikings vs. Pirates: The Danish Navy on the hunt. Expo at sea, off Somalia with one of the world’s fittest fighting forces – a special Monocle report.

Latest products

Zeus + Dione x Monocle Attiki bag

Geometry, form and precision underpin Zeus & Dione’s design procedure. Each item is rooted in Greek symbolism and bears the Delta insignia, alluding to spiritually, harmony and creativity.

From the Road x Monocle travel blanket

This soft blanket will keep you wrapped up warm on a flight. Individually hand woven in Nepal from merino wool and cashmere on a foot-pedal loom, they are hand-tinted with the edges brushed out to a discreet fringe that adds texture.

Lewis Fredericks x Monocle sunglasses

Armature is everything when it comes to spectacle aesthetics. Lewis Fredericks turn buffalo, ram and ox horn into unique eyewear that is sustainable and truly original.

Lewis Fredericks x Monocle optical

Lightweight and incredibly durable, each pair of these spectacles gracefully flexes and moulds to the contours of the wearer’s face.






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