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So why should inventors consider bringing their money to Morocco? Whether you ask Moroccan entrepreneurs, government figures, global investors or others in the know, the answer is the same: Morocco is a stepping stone to Africa and the world. It’s home to a young population that’s educated and ready to go. Thanks to its pioneering use of renewables, it offers some of the world’s most competitive energy prices. It’s stable, set and open for business. 

In 1999, when King Mohammed VI ascended the throne, half of the country didn’t have electricity. Now that coverage is 100 per cent, it is also targeting 80 per cent renewable energy by 2050. When it comes to development and enterprise, Morocco has a roadmap. There is still work to do but the government’s new investment charter looks set to galvanise economic progress even more significantly.

“We are in unsettling times,” says Mohcine Jazouli. “But Morocco has always managed to adapt quickly and transform challenges into opportunities. We remain stable and steady on the political and economic fronts, despite the world’s changes.” 

“Global supply chains are being reshaped for two main reasons,” he adds. “One, to reduce distances. And two, to do business with trustworthy partners. Morocco is at the crossroads of Europe, the Americas and Africa. Our potential is ensured by world-class infrastructure. In that matter, Morocco stands as a continental model.”

No doubt there are still changes to come. However, with the correct vision in place, Morocco firmly believes that it is a nation with an agility and endurance to weather them. 

Mohammed VI tower in Salê, near Rabat
Morocco is home to an eager, proactive work force
Trams offer easy access to Casablanca Finance City
In-house academies train a new generation
The Stellantis Morocco plant in Kenitra
The bustling port of Casablanca handles the city's shipping

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