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Saturday. 7/1/2017

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Reaps what he sews

Patrick Grant’s work as guv’nor and creative director of E Tautz has always been paternal and hands-on; the looks are clean and handsome while riffing wittily on recent history. His Autumn/Winter 2017 collection – showing today at London Fashion Week Men’s – is inspired by Martin Parr’s photographic obsession with trash and treasure as well as Peter Mitchell’s photographs of scarecrows and urban dereliction. Fashion and scarecrows then? “This is exactly it,” says Grant at his London studio, “these scarecrows have got poles up their backsides, industrial liquid bottles for heads and polybags for hands but they’re having a nice time, they’re out in the countryside and they’re wearing some very cool stuff.” Do and don’t be fooled by Grant’s impish ode to Gummidge chic: E Tautz’s latest clobber is loose, elegant and warm-hearted. The too-tight silhouette of today has been stylishly kissed goodbye in a windblown field in Yorkshire.

Image: Bjorn Svensson/Alamy

Radio noise

Norway is the first country to scrap FM radio in favour of its digital counterpart, DAB. The shutdown will take place in waves, starting with the northern city of Bodø on 11 January and spreading south over the course of the year. Although the decision has been ratified by parliament, Norwegians are not happy: last month 66 per cent opposed the switch, according to national newspaper Dagbladet. The primary concern is the two million cars that rely on FM radio and would have to purchase pricey digital adapters. Yet despite the backlash there’s little doubt that a country as progressive as Norway (where 54 per cent already use DAB) will come to embrace the advantages of digital radio: a vastly more cost-effective medium that allows for more channels and a better reach in isolated areas. So no more fiddling with antennas for the country’s Arctic residents.

Image: Magnus Sundholm

Movie night

Sunday’s Golden Globes may not carry as much gravitas and industry sway as February’s Academy Awards but if you’re after entertainment – and not a three-hours-plus endurance test – then tomorrow is the night. The trick is the seating plan: while the Oscars feature regimented rows of cushioned chairs, the Golden Globes have a dinner party set-up that brings a sense of levity to the occasion. Even the acceptance speeches are more relaxed and will most likely bring the teams behind director Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight and Damien Chazelle’s musical La La Land to the stage. Whatever happens, host Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show is sure to make the 74th edition a merry if bittersweet evening – with Donald Trump’s inauguration less than two weeks away, the comedian has declared that this could be “the first and last party of 2017”.

Image: Vic Frankowski

Nordic wonderland

Finland’s famous white creatures, the Moomins, have made themselves at home in London’s Southbank Centre. Adventures in Moominland showcases drawings and objects from late creator Tove Jansson’s studio as well as immersive displays inspired by the Moomin storybooks that bring her imaginative world to life. The exhibition explores what inspired this Nordic phenomenon: Moominmama, Snufkin, Snorkmaiden and crew came to Jansson at the end of the Second World War and the Moominvalley was created as a refuge from the harsh postwar years. So in these times of uncertainty, it’s nice to be able to escape into their land of tolerance and respect. For more on Tove Jansson’s beloved characters, read our feature (here)[].

Image: Shutterstock

World tour

Join us on a global tour of some of the world’s most fascinating film locations. We visit an exhibition in San Francisco celebrating the artist Bruce Conner, stroll the beaches of Mar de Plata in Argentina, speak to Czech film-maker and Berlin Film Festival favourite Petr Vaclav and hear from two stars of London’s Russian Film Week.

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