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General Business Manager
Nestlé Morocco


Nestlé recently celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in Morocco. What values underpin this relationship?
Nestlé has a historical presence in the country dating back to 1927 with the first imports of products to the country. From then on Nestlé has been reinforcing its position in Morocco. We opened the El Jadida factory in 1992, which specialises in two categories: milk and coffee. We are sourcing our milk directly from the farmers, working with more than 6000 in the region. Farming is really important to Nestlé and our work gives us the chance to have a positive impact in the country.

What makes Morocco such an effective base of operations for a global company like Nestlé? 
The country has been investing consistently to reinforce the infrastructure: the Tanger-Med port, the highways, the transportation. The political stability is also very important. If you are a multinational unit, you need to know that you are investing in a stable location. Then there is obviously the location of the country itself, close to Europe but an entry point into Africa. We are talking about a population of more than 37 million so it’s a sizeable country when it comes to business but it’s also a good platform for exports. Eighty per cent of our production of coffee is for exports. All of this makes the country attractive. 

It must also be of value to be stationed in a place where renewables are at the forefront of government policy? 
The country is committed to reach more than 50 per cent of its needs in terms of electricity from renewable energy by 2030. Nestlé is very happy to participate in this ambition. We are even committed to reaching it earlier, with the aim of 100 per cent of renewable energy in our operations in the next two years. It is very ambitious but we are happy to participate in the global ambition of the country. Sustainability is at the heart of our priorities. 

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