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How does a company such as DXC leverage Morocco’s young and educated population? 
As an IT company, you thrive on change. You like to improve your added value, you want to train and to evolve, and you want to manage your career as quick as you can to meet the market needs. This is exactly what the IT industry expects. Morocco has a young population and these young people are open to the world. They speak several languages and they want to embrace change because they thrive on it. This is one of the main reasons why Morocco is one of the best destinations for IT services in the world.

What hurdles does the information technology sector face in Morocco and how are they being overcome?
Our client all over the world expect a good rate of attrition from us. It means that we don’t have too much turnover with the company’s resources. In DXC, our attrition is less than 15 per cent. It is the main challenge that we must face – and we deal with it. How do we do that? By training more and more people. Young people, yes, but older people too. We launched a lot of initiatives to do this. JobInTech is also a good example. It’s a national programme that was recently launched to train 10,000 IT talents per year, for instance. Indeed we must have an exponential curve of training to be sure that we accompany the growth of the sector in the world. 

What are your personal goals for the coming years?
We have achieved 20 per cent growth per year in the company. My goal is to achieve that again. This capacity for growth is good news: when you grow, you create jobs. So growth is good news for me personally but also for the employment market in the country. I’ll be proud if we can achieve that again.

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