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Founder and CEO
Outsourcia Group 


What is the story behind Outsourcia Group’s foundation? 
I launched the company in 2003. It became an SME and now we are in four different countries: Morocco, Madagascar, Tunisia and France. Today outsourcing is one of the most important industries in Morocco – it employs 140,000 people. In terms of revenues, it accounts for €1.4bn per year. There’s very strong growth too – more than 10 per cent on average per year. As you’ve seen in Morocco, we have many strategic industries. Outsourcing services are one of the most important. 

How does Outsourcia Group continue to stand out in a competitive and crowded field?
In our industry you have big players. But we are considered a leader in the mid-market. Some companies don’t want to work with global leaders because they want a more personalised approach, a closer relationship with their partner. We are more agile, more flexible and more competitive in terms of prices because our costs are less heavy. We need to be big enough but act small.

What excites you most about the industry and the direction it is headed? 
You can outsource anything. Today you can see that most of our clients – big companies – are looking for flexibility. They want to outsource things that were previously done internally. It means that there are many other functions that could be outsourced, especially in Europe. There are huge opportunities here. Artificial intelligence is a huge opportunity for us too. It could be considered a risk but the reality is that we are increasingly using it to become more efficient, to automatise the less complex tasks and focus more on bringing added value to our clients elsewhere. There is no limit in our industry. Even during a crisis, companies are looking to be more competitive and lower their costs. We can provide a solution to that.

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