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MATIS Aerospace


How has Morocco’s business-friendly climate benefitted MATIS Aerospace? 
When the decision was made to create the aeronautics sector in Morocco, it started not only with the creation of MATIS but also with the creation of an ecosystem around it that facilitated the establishment of this new sector, which included incentives for aeronautic exporting companies. We have also benefitted from special offers around real estate. We were the first company to be established in the Casablanca airport area. Today we enjoy the benefits of the Moroccan government’s efforts to continue developing the sector – primarily via their efforts to establish partnerships with the main actors in the aeronautic industry that bring them into Morocco and working with local companies here.

You have been involved in the industry for 20 years. How have you witnessed it evolve?
The evolution of the sector could be seen via different KPIs. The first one is the number of companies established in the sector – and we are seeing more and more of those. But the main indicator is the integration rate, which shows that the percentage or the ratio of products produced in Morocco is growing in comparison to what we were able to do in the beginning. 

Where do you see room for the industry to continue growing?
We often use the word “global context”, which refers to the potential for evolution and growth in the coming years, but also the specific and favourable positioning of Morocco in the world’s global supply chain. Our country’s position, in being near to European countries, means that we will benefit from very short delivery cycles – with a very low carbon impact and better transportation costs.

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