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Flying patients

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Consumers are increasingly looking beyond their native borders for low-cost, quality healthcare – and if there’s a safari thrown into the package, all the better. Monocle looks at the global hotspots attracting patients wanting anything from hi-tech surgery to a facelift.

Assuta Medical Center, Joint Commission International, Korean Health Industry Development Institute, Medical Tourism Association of South Africa

Much like data processing and higher education, the market for healthcare has gone global. From Bangkok to Bangalore, Monterrey to Malaysia, peripatetic consumers have made medical tourism a €29bn international industry, growing by nearly 30 per cent each year. Fuelled by rapidly expanding – and ageing – middle classes, some 6.5 million people in both the developed and developing worlds are now shopping for medical services much as they would any premium product: with a focus on cost, quality and convenience.

“More than 3.2 billion people will…


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