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Hidden talents

On Saudi Arabia’s fledgling cultural scene, artists tread a precarious path to put the kingdom on the international art map. While inspiration and invention flourish behind closed doors, the spectres of censorship and…

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Hume with a view

Turner Prize-nominated artist Gary Hume – lauded by the art world and a wider audience alike – is known for his vibrant high-gloss creations.

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Master of reinvention

We visit the Beijing studio of Zeng Fanzhi, the Chinese artist who usually prefers to let his work do the talking. Fortunately he was willing to have a conversation with Monocle, in which we cover changing styles, perpetual…

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New masters

Austrian auction house Dorotheum is looking to the future but with a deferential nod to the past – and it’s proving to be a winning bid.

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Tracking changes

Occupying former railway warehouses, Luma Arles is a gallery going full steam ahead with big ambitions and big ideas.

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School holiday

Learning to paint is surely a life-improving skill? We head to southwest England in search of good light and a fresh mental landscape.

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Show and tell

Esther Schipper’s career path from Köln to Berlin reflects the fluidity of Germany’s art scene. Here’s how the gallerist has stayed ahead of the curve.

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Culture briefing

How to translate design on television, the Autophoto show in Paris and a preview of Photo London.

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Fun of the fair

New York’s art-world innovator Independent is taking its idiosyncratic style to Brussels. We ask some key figures what makes it special.

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Artistic merit

Art can prove a difficult topic of conversation even for the most formidable minds. But when artist-cum-critic David Salle and author Francine Prose get together they make it look effortless. Coincidence? We think not.



Circus animals

Biennials are a sparkling staple of the cultural calendar and a springboard for many artists’ careers. But have we reached peak biennial? If this year’s events are anything to go by, it might be time to call it a night.







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