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Friends in the north

— Tunis


Occupying a strategic post at the tip of North Africa, the Mediterranean capital of Tunisia is a short hop from Sicily. Less well known than its rival Morocco, Tunis is now benefiting from foreign business and finally enjoying its time in the sun.

Culture, Diplomacy, Emerging markets, Government

Each time a mega Airbus aeroplane lands smoothly somewhere in the world, in his small, neat office in Tunis one man can smile. Amine Fakhfakh, a senior engineer at Telnet, Tunisia’s leading engineering and technology company, designs part of the braking systems used in the Airbus A380. Telnet is one of hundreds of companies in the Tunisian capital that have taken off in the past couple of years and are thriving even in these difficult times by selling high-quality brain power to the rest of the world for a relatively good price. The company has…


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