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Flemish flair— Ghent


Monocle samples the Belgian city’s top food and drink haunts with a renowned local wine expert.

Belgium, Filip Verheyden, Oudburg, Vlaamse wijze, Vrijdagmarkt

With the launch of Tong wine magazine, Belgian Filip Verheyden has pushed the boundaries of wine journalism and found fans among the world’s leading wine critics and producers along the way.

“Tong has no advertising and pays for itself through subscriber fees. Each 48-page issue is themed on subjects ranging from a single grape to the topic of terroirs and has to spark debate,” says Verheyden, a former food journalist, chef and cookbook publisher.

Verheyden takes us around the Ghent neighbourhood of St Jacobs where he shops for his food. Our first…


The vibrant, traffic-free neighbourhood of St Jacobs takes its name from the Gothic 12th-century church of the same name where the area’s cluster of winding streets converge. The main Vrijdagmarkt square was the political heart of Ghent during the Middle Ages and is now home to the city’s biggest flea market. Across the narrow Leie river, on the edge of the St Jacobs neighbourhood, is Oudburg, a street with a Turkish community and a hub for the creative new establishments that have opened here in the past five to 10 years.

Address book

A Fruitco, Kammerstraat 3,
+ 32 92 259 145

B Casa del Capriccio, Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 2,
+ 32 92 243 235

C Himschoot, Groentenmarkt 1,
+ 32 475 523 719

D Tierenteyn-Verlent, Groentenmarkt 3,
+ 32 922 583 36

E Nzet, Oudburg 58,
+ 32 497 926 797

F Les Trésors, Oudburg 55,
+ 32 477 933 447

G La Buvette, Oudburg 51,
+ 32 476 249 090

H Simon Says, Sluizeken 8,
+ 32 923 303 43

I ’t Dreupelkot, Groentenmarkt 12,
+ 32 922 421 20

J Beer and Gin House, Kraanlei 27,
+ 32 922 514 25


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