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Happy returns

The directors of the Conde Duque Cultural Centre are among a wave of creatives returning to Madrid. They show us the city – and beyond.

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The good life

From communal evening strolls to languorous lunches with family and friends, Madrileños seem to hold the key to a long and happy life. We join Europe’s longest living citizens on the streets of Spain’s capital to find out…

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Breathtaking nearby mountains and an enviable lack of rain are just two of the things to recommend the handsome city of Ueda.

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Waste not

The founder and president of Ecoalf has created a sustainable fashion brand using other people’s rubbish.

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Raising the dead

Years of silence have almost erased Spain’s civil war and General Franco’s atrocities from the collective consciousness but now the country is ready to speak out.

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Put it on the tab

‘Tabernas’ are like the lively living rooms of the Spanish capital but tough times have left many out of business. We meet a new generation who are turning the tables.

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Let’s wrap this up

Creating food packaging that pops isn’t easy. We meet three studios helping businesses off the shelf.


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Future thinking

In his foundation, Norman Foster has brought together an enthusiastic team of architects, urbanists and designers who share his energy and passion.


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Quick off the blocks

Liam Aldous reporting from Madrid: Fast-paced drama, twists and even some geopolitical intrigue – no, not the latest Netflix series but the 24-hour Olympic Channel. And with the forthcoming PyeongChang Games, the broadca…

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Gaudí regalvanised

Liam Aldous reporting from Barcelona: The architecture of Antoni Gaudí has branded this city but until now this masterpiece has been off-limits. As it finally reveals its secrets, it’s caught up in a Catalan identity crisis…

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Fabric of the city

A Coruña is home to retail giant Inditex (owner of Zara) and its alumni designers and manufacturers, who are busy reviving the region’s textile and craft credentials. Together they’ve made this one of Spain’s richest cities…

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The lay of the land

From Colombia to Moldova and a fair few places in between, we take stock of what makes the world go round – and yes, manicures and underwear both feature prominently.

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Madrid: beat goes on

Late-night revelry is a way of life for Madrileños and the good times have only improved with a city council committed to carousing. Monocle gets into the groove.

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Summery vibes

If you close your eyes for a moment and conjour up a vision of Australia, chances are it will look like Byron Bay. It represents all the laidback loveliness of its nation – but it’s also got the financial and innovative…


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