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Did they do well?

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In the world of politics, September is the start of a new term in many countries, so we’ve compiled our report cards for 15 leaders. Who has gone to the top of the class and who should be doing extra homework? We give marks for popularity and performance and dock points for bad behaviour.

Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Donald Tusk, Jacob ZumaImitry Medvedev, Jose Luis Zapatero, Julia Gillard, Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Luiz da Silva, Manmohan Singh, NIcolas Sarkozy, Naoto Kan, Recep Erdogan, Silvio Berlusconi, Stephen Harper

Over the next few weeks northern hemisphere leaders will be shuttering their summer houses, closing up their dachas, leaving the onsen and getting ready to face what’s set to be a budget-slashing end of year for parliaments of every political persuasion. Will the presidents and prime minister be forced to go to the polls – or even to the barricades – if the cuts cause too much pain? Are, they may wonder, any jobs going at the World Bank or United Nations?

In Beijing, Brasilia and New Delhi the picture will look far rosier from the sunlounger –…


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