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— Berlin


Seattle-born Cynthia Barcomi opened her first café in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood in the 1990s. Since then, her coffee, cakes and bagels have become a local legend. She takes us on a tour of the district’s best bakeries and food shops.

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Sitting in her eponymous Kreuzberg café, Barcomi’s, on Bergmannstrasse with the aroma of roasting coffee wafting through the airy space, Cynthia Barcomi reflects on her success. She has often been credited for bringing good coffee and high-quality cakes to Berlin long before Starbucks landed. But building a food business here wasn’t always easy. Early on, finding funding as a female foreigner in Germany was difficult when locals were unaware of the delights of high-quality coffees and homemade muffins, bagels and cheesecakes. “I had to convince…


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