November 2012

A special report on world health, a Danish hospital with a domestic twist, and don’t miss our Expo on a regular day at the office in Japan, which starts with bending and stretching exercises.

Culture / Health

Drug Wars

The practices of the health and pharmaceutical industries have no shortage of critics but there's an equally tricky battle to change consumers' perceptions once a product get the green light. Monocle meets some of the…

Affairs / Government

A Little Push

The Behavioural Insights Team – otherwise known as the Nudge Unit – is improving public services in the UK via clever tweaks of policy and subtle changes to the delivery of information. Monocle investigates the art of…

Edits / Property


For those who want to breathe in the Tuscan air but avoid sharing it with too many tourists, Lucca’s old town could be just the ticket.

Affairs / Society

Respect the elders

The Avengers be damned. The combined diplomatic super powers of 10 global leaders known as The Elders, formed by Nelson Mandela and led by chairman Desmond Tutu, are taking on the world’s most complex problems.


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