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The secret garden

— São Paulo


Among the high-rises and inner city bustle of São Paulo, a new home offers quiet solitude while retaining openness. The V4 house from MK27 architects invites nature, the neighbourhood and Monocle to share its space.

Design, Interior design, Jardim Europa, MK27, V4, home

If you journey to the west of São Paulo you’ll discover that, in the midst of endless skyscrapers, the Jardim Europa neighbourhood is a verdant haven of calm, surrounded by the wilds of the concrete jungle. In the quiet streets, named after countries – Italy, Switzerland and England – are some of the most exquisite and luxurious homes to be found in the city. On one plot, 1,300 sq m in size, is the v4 residence, the latest creation brought to fruition by Paulistano architect Marcio Kogan.

Along with Isay Weinfeld, Kogan is one of the most respected…


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