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‘Next American City’ magazine has succeeded in making urban planning a national debate since it was launched in 2003, but its founders’ lofty ambitions mean they will not be satisfied until the ultimate goal has been achieved: changing the world.

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“When we started this magazine, we were bringing issues that were on the margins to the centre,” says Adam Gordon. “We were a new generation who knew about the scars of the awful urban renewal ­attempts in the 1950s and 1960s but didn’t carry them. What we knew is that these issues were crucial to the future of our education system, climate change and economy. Now, thanks to some great people in the White House, they are coming to the forefront.”

Gordon is the founder of the magazine Next American City, a title that has made the world of urban…

01 Detroit — It’s hit the bottom and is bound to come back up.
02 New Orleans — A lab for non-profit experiments to improve neglected areas.
03 Philadelphia — A post-manufacturing poster child growing a niche for itself.
04 Cleveland — Tons of investment in Ohio means it will be a star in the Midwest.
05 Washington — Liberals and techies are changing it into a green, tech-savvy city.
06 St Louis — Young entrepreneurs are recapturing the city’s true grit and glory.
07 Denver — Money invested in downtown will soon make this an arts capital.
08 Providence — Investing in downtown by relocating a highway away from the city.
09 Los Angeles — Green and agricultural projects are changing the town’s ethos.
10 Dallas — A park being built on top of a highway shows urban life has yet to be defined here.


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