Urban legends— Philadelphia


‘Next American City’ magazine has succeeded in making urban planning a national debate since it was launched in 2003, but its founders’ lofty ambitions mean they will not be satisfied until the ultimate goal has been achieved: changing the world.

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01 Detroit — It’s hit the bottom and is bound to come back up.
02 New Orleans — A lab for non-profit experiments to improve neglected areas.
03 Philadelphia — A post-manufacturing poster child growing a niche for itself.
04 Cleveland — Tons of investment in Ohio means it will be a star in the Midwest.
05 Washington — Liberals and techies are changing it into a green, tech-savvy city.
06 St Louis — Young entrepreneurs are recapturing the city’s true grit and glory.
07 Denver — Money invested in downtown will soon make this an arts capital.
08 Providence — Investing in downtown by relocating a highway away from the city.
09 Los Angeles — Green and agricultural projects are changing the town’s ethos.
10 Dallas — A park being built on top of a highway shows urban life has yet to be defined here.

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