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Bombay mix

— Alibaug


India’s new elite is investing in architecture that eases gently into its surroundings by using local building traditions and even a bit of ancient science. A weekend retreat from Mumbai, by Bijoy Jain, shows the trend at its modest best.

Bijoy Jain, Bijoy Jain + Associates, Indian Patent Stone, Studio Mumbai, Sundeep Bhatia

“My only brief to the architect was to construct a house based on Vaastu and to make sure it was low-maintenance,” says Sundeep Bhatia. The architect in question was Bijoy Jain from Studio Mumbai who then spent 15 months sketching and planning while adhering to Vaastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture that uses a system of guidelines said to ensure positive energy. And the result of all the deliberations is Utsav House in ­Alibaug, an area roughly an hour from Mumbai that functions as a sort of Indian Hamptons.

The main walls of the 372…


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