July / August 2011

The results are in for our annual Quality of Life survey. Who’s up? Who’s down? And who’s out in our ranking of the world' 25 best cities to call home (there are a few surprises).

Design / Property

Paradise in the city

Visit Munich or Melbourne, Seattle or Singapore and you’ll come across ‘almost perfect’ places to live. However, at Monocle we’ve created the ideal mansion block, with nothing omitted in its design. Now, who’s going to…

Business / Business Hubs

The money mystery

There’s a link between quality of life and the money in your pocket but nobody quite understands this complicated marriage. One thing we do know for sure, whatever the question, the answer should not be Luanda.


Business / Innovation

Ideas to steal

Making the word’s busiest cities a little more ordered should be top of most urban planners to-do lists. And when one city strikes on an idea that works, it seems the rest of the globe is keen to catch up.

Culture / Media

Voice of the people

Every city has a local media star – perhaps a television anchor, newspaper columnist, singer or author – who is part of its very fabric. Content with staying on home turf, they are an institution, breaking down the anoma…

Affairs / Society

Almost there

Three of the five cities on this page have been in our bottom five for the past two years, and Montréal has slipped. Maybe somebody at city hall needs to start trying a bit harder. Meanwhile, we welcome Seattle to the fold…

Affairs / Government

Five city bosses

One has the task of turning round Japan’s only bankrupt city. Another is trying to rebuild a war-torn capital where electricity is a scarce luxury. They are all, however, motivated by a desire to improve the day-to-day…


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