October 2012

From Brazil to Mozambique and the Azores to Luanda, we take you on a tour of the Portuguese-speaking world – its people, policies, brands and opportunities.

Business / Industry

Drone Home

Unmanned military planes and helicopters are a controversial subject but visitors and exhibitors at the Unmanned Systems North America trade fair were unfazed. They’re more excited about drones that can do the housework.

Business / Business Hubs

Business Briefing

We report on how Portuguese and Brazilian middle classes are choosing France as their top European destination. Plus, why the new wave of coffee makers popping up in America looks a little bit like the old wave.

Design / Property

Lake life

Buy a barn, take it apart, move it a few hours down the road and then rebuild it as a summerhouse. That’s exactly what architect Erik Persson did, resulting in his simple yet stunning retreat in the peaceful depths of the…

Affairs / Politics

Defence Briefing

The downfall of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi in late 2011 had unforeseen consequences: thousands of Tuareg fighters employed by Gaddafi returned to their native Mali, adding considerable steel to a separatist movement in the…


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