November 2012

A special report on world health, a Danish hospital with a domestic twist, and don’t miss our Expo on a regular day at the office in Japan, which starts with bending and stretching exercises.


Perfect old age community

Welcome to our dream town designed for the mature years. Part of the housing is government-subsidised but most has been developed by passionate fundraising and former residents. The cost of living here is moderate; busi…



Blue-sky thinking

When representatives at the UN aren’t engaged at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, they’re relaxing at their very own swimming club. Monocle grabbed a towel and checked out this oasis of calm conversation.


Defence briefing

This month’s military news round-up, looking at conscription in Austria, budget cuts in the US and smaller-scale deployments in Guatemala.


Ultimate body fix

For a country that’s in need of more than a nip and tuck of its own, Spain is home to a clinic specialising in encouraging a perfectly balanced lifestyle. Monocle checks in.


Revitalising retreats

Be it yoga in Brazil or hot springs in Japan, these destinations won’t recharge your batteries – they’ll replace them with hybrid engines.


Drug Wars

The practices of the health and pharmaceutical industries have no shortage of critics but there's an equally tricky battle to change consumers' perceptions once a product get the green light. Monocle meets some of the…


What's up doc

Real-life medical shows aren’t just for light entertainment. In Spain people turn on the TV for health advice in times of austerity and in Egypt women tune in to learn about sex. Monocle meets the TV doctors with all the…


Home visit

The origami roof of the new Center for Cancer and Health suggests that this is no ordinary hospital. Nord Architects Copenhagen has achieved a design leap by creating a leafy courtyard and comfortable interiors.


Sand castle

Brazil’s beachside resort Santos used to be the retreat that São Paulo residents escaped to. Its flamboyant apartment complex from mid-century master Artacho Jurado, is now a haven for elderly architectural fans.


Liquid Gold

‘Genki’ drinks – nutrition and energy beverages – have flooded the Japanese market yet manufacturers are now targeting female consumers and soaking up foreign customers. Is saturation imminent?


Expo 58: Don't stop moving

In Japan, if you’re not doing ‘rajio taiso’ you’re either dead or you’ve slept in. Millions of Japanese rise early every morning to get together and do radio exercises – the rest do them at work.


A Little Push

The Behavioural Insights Team – otherwise known as the Nudge Unit – is improving public services in the UK via clever tweaks of policy and subtle changes to the delivery of information. Monocle investigates the art of…


Streets ahead

Kicking off our new series on small-business neighbourhoods primed for investment is Northbridge, where a seedy reputation is changing thanks to government financing and an influx of innovative firms.


Material gains

Faribault Woolen Mill Co seemed dead and buried when it was forced to close in 2009. Its renaissance under the guidance of two local businessmen has proven blanket-like: comforting and all-encompassing.


The next four years

Whoever ends up sat in the Oval Office come January next year will have a huge job on his hands but also a massive opportunity. Here is Monocle’s advice.

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