November 2012

A special report on world health, a Danish hospital with a domestic twist, and don’t miss our Expo on a regular day at the office in Japan, which starts with bending and stretching exercises.


Perfect old age community

Welcome to our dream town designed for the mature years. Part of the housing is government-subsidised but most has been developed by passionate fundraising and former residents. The cost of living here is moderate; busi…



The real winners

As candidates ramp up the spending on their US presidential election campaigns, we look at some of the businesses that do very nicely when the party purse-strings are open.



For those who want to breathe in the Tuscan air but avoid sharing it with too many tourists, Lucca’s old town could be just the ticket.


Dato' Sri Idris Jala

Monocle’s foreign editor meets the man in charge of transforming Malaysia’s economy. Encouraging competitiveness, creating jobs, helping the poor and enabling democracy are his three main challenges.


Aircraft procedure

Despite over 30 years in Australia’s public health sector, Greg Rochford experienced some turbulence when he became CEO of the country’s iconic Royal Flying Doctor Service. One year on, he’s gaining altitude.


Asia briefing

We look at motorcade of Indonesia president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and report on an ancient Punjabi sport that's gone global.


Grey matters

Getting old is inevitable but providing for people when they do is too often skirted. Monocle has tracked down those making a difference and showing up the authorities in the process.


Media briefing

Health-related magazines in Japan, Assouline's new concept store and a Q&A with The Art Journal's editor.


Oceania briefing

We land in Tuvalu for our Flight Path series, report on dwindling natural resources in Papua New Guinea, and find out why Aussie rules football is going to China.

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