September 2016

Get a move on – all you need to develop a business you care about. A 24-page Monocle guide for entrepreneurs, globally and locally minded creatives and anyone with a good idea who's looking for the perfect home.

Issue 96


The time is now

Despite recent turbulence we know that there is always somewhere that’s up-and-coming and places whose doors are open to people who have fresh ideas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore.


Sole charge

Londoners overwhelmingly want to remain in the EU. So what would happen if they did just that? We take a look at how the UK’s capital could make it a reality.


Upward mobility

Cities around the world are easing freedom of movement to lure the best and most ambitious businesses. We profile the cities that are holding the doors open and meet the mobile entrepreneurs who accepted the invite.


Open for business

Roberto Azevêdo, director-general of the World Trade Organisation, discusses the challenges facing international trade in the light of Trump’s grumbles and the fallout from Brexit.


Reading the race

This year’s US presidential election has featured baffling twists and bewildering turns. We meet the correspondents tasked with explaining the inexplicable and translating the debate for their audiences at home.

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Light in the dark

German politician Henriette Reker was stabbed shortly before she became Köln’s new mayor – and just weeks later hundreds more women were assaulted. At a time of social and political unrest, can she give the city a glimmer…


Asia briefing

Find out why Indonesia’s president flies Economy and why South Korea is cutting back on handouts.


Fresh appeal

A poverty-stricken nation with the potential to become a global powerhouse, India’s greatest challenge is its biggest hope: can Modi harness the power of the youth?

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