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Civic slickers

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The right mayor can reinvent and rejuvenate a city, boosting infrastructure, speeding integration and fostering the arts. For our cities special, we profile 10 of the freshest movers and shakers in urban politics worldwide, pinpointing their greatest successes.

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Takashi Kawamura


Takashi Kawamura has raised hell in Nagoya. In his first year in office, the mayor of Japan's fourth-largest city has slashed prices on medical tests and water and is locked in a battle with the assembly to push through tax cuts and trim the budget. Kawamura’s “shomin kakumei”, or people's revolution, has made the city a national symbol of reform.

Success: Agitating for political change and against party fealty. Challenge: Take on the city assembly to push through tax and budget reform.


Motti Sasson

Holon, Israel

Mayor Motti…


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