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Kajima, one of Japan’s largest engineering firms, built the country’s first concrete dam and nuclear reactor. Now it’s at the forefront again, this time in the field of urban biodiversity. We meet the man who sees the future in the birds and the bees. Name: Yoriyuki Yamada Employer: Kajima Job: Head of biodiversity

Conservation, Urban biodiversity, Yoriyuki Yamada

Yoriyuki Yamada knows what it’s like to face a tough crowd. A decade ago, as a young landscape architect at Japanese construction giant Kajima, he tried to sell others on the idea of rooftop gardens. He told them how the greenery would act as a buffer against the summer heat, reducing energy costs, and would make our cities better places to live in. He talked about countering the heat-island effect, which is caused by buildings and streets in a city trapping heat, and had the data to back it up. “In the end, most companies opted for a low-cost…


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