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Ski to the sea

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Where can you enjoy such off-piste activities as deep-sea fishing and viewing the Northern Lights? The Lyngen Alps, home of Lyngen Lodge, provide a spectacular setting to a unique skiing experience.

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Lyngen Lodge


On the tip of the Lyngen Fjord, the cosy Lyngen Lodge is a prime spot for skiing, deep-sea fishing and viewing the Northern Lights. Owned by Englishman Graham Austick and his Norwegian partner Elisabeth Braathen, the hotel has en-suite twin and double bedrooms with panoramic views of the Lyngen Alps. Designed by Austick and Braathen with interiors by Trondheim-based Anniken Zahl Furunes, it is constructed from traditional Norwegian “lafting” pine frames and gets eco-credentials for its geothermic heating system. “Skiing in Lyngen…


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