Q&A- Ferran Adriá

Tickets la vida tapa

The latest venture by the team behind Spain’s fêted elBulli restaurant is Tickets la vida tapa, a “casual” tapas restaurant in Barcelona’s revitalised Paral-lel district. It is a collaboration between Ferran Adrià, his brother and business partner, Albert, and the Iglesias brothers restaurateurs. Dishes such as hedgehog with avocado and mint jelly have Adrià’s signature all over them.

What is the concept of Tickets la vida tapa?
It’s two projects in one: a cocktail bar, 41˚, that will also serve snacks, and Tickets, a place that isn’t exactly a bar or a restaurant – we can’t define it – based on the world of tapas.

**Is Tickets your vehicle for taking tapas global? **
The important thing is whether we can influence and inspire restaurants around the world like Nobu.

What are you hoping to add?
This isn’t substituting haute cuisine, it’s something more fun and less formal. It takes you an hour at the bar and is an alternative way of eating.

You’ve talked about how fine dining has ‘overblown itself’. What is the future of gastronomy?
When I say overblown, I refer to the volume: you can’t have 1,000 Formula One cars. There should be a smaller number of gastronomical restaurants – aficionados will still travel for the experience. It has to be something special.


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