February 2013

Scanning the horizon: Looking for lands of opportunity. An inspirational tour of the places, people, outfits and organisations worth adding to your list of best benchmarks. A five-part special report

Design / Architecture

Building momentum

2012 offered many architectural talking points, from Renzo Piano’s pointy Shard in London to K2S’s small but perfectly formed wooden Chapel of Silence in Helsinki; 2013 promises even more. Here are seven projects completing…

Culture / Entertainment

The ideas factory

Great art transforms thought with ideas and emotions. But that effortless feeling as a bold new work hits the page, store or screen, is down to some very real individuals who link inspiration to industry. Here are a few of…

Design / Monocle

Our new website

We’ve been busy transferring more than five years’ worth of magazine, film and radio content to our new website. The result: a sharper, more handsome and informative experience. Come and visit us at monocle.com.

Business / Start-ups

Make your mark

Wasabi, beer, olive oil, iron ore and wool: certainly the worst possible ingredients for a cocktail but, it turns out, the perfect recipe for business success. Here we profile five companies that between them have made…

Edits / Retail

Inventory No. 60

The passing of the festive season for another year doesn’t mean that gifts and alcohol should be shunned until December. Make a present to yourself of, say, some unique kitchenware or organic soap, kick back with a glass…

Edits / Small Business

Different class

Whether it’s airlines or artisan wines, when it comes to inspiring new ventures, staying true to an idea is key. We’ve searched hotels, restaurants, business hubs and remote islands to learn lessons from those achieving…

Edits / Travel

Monocle travel guide

With stunning interiors and furnishings by up-and-coming Brazilian designers competing with floor-to-ceiling views of the rainforest, guests staying at Brazil’s Botanique Hotel and Spa may find it takes a while to discover…

Affairs / Innovation

How to...

No one is better placed to offer valuable advice on tricky projects and ambitious, world-changing actions than the people at the sharp end – precisely the kind of individuals giving the benefit of their hard-won experience…

Edits / Travel

New Oyster Cult

When the owners of The Oyster Inn moved to New Zealand they never intended to open a restaurant, let alone a hotel. Two years on, they are the proprietors of a local institution and a winning brand.



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