April 2013

Sharpen your game: Our new spring style and retail survey. The shopkeepers, architects, developers, buyers and consumers you want on your side and in your neighbourhood – a Monocle special report.

Issue 62 cover


It's all relative

A country of 7,000 islands and almost as many contradictions, the Philippines is living out its past and embracing its future through the trials of one powerful dynasty: the incomparable Marcos family.


Keeping it simple

Industrial designer Niels Diffrient says he has built his near 60-year career on a belief in staying under the radar and being ‘technically and stylistically capable’. He does himself a disservice: his work, particularly…


Patriot games

On the Turkish border with Syria, an international Nato force sits quietly awaiting a conflict that may never come. But the heavy-duty weaponry on show says half the battle is about coming prepared.


Finishing touches

The Rijksmuseum’s overhaul has taken 10 long years. However, it is finally ready to reopen its doors to reveal an interior revamp that is almost as impressive as the wealth of art it so beautifully displays.


Europe briefing

The motorcade of Dutch queen Beatrix, Europe's dash for gas and an interview with Hungary's opposition leader, Gordon Bajnai.


Petit prints

In an age of email the postcard is threatened in some quarters but not in the museum world, where they remain big business. Monocle meets the teams behind some of the world’s mini masterpieces.


Asia briefing

Cambodia keeps politics in the family, South Korea get equal, and Japan gets green vending machines


Americas briefing

A party in disarray, riven by ideological and regional splits, torn between populist impulses and its donor class’s economic interest, with glaring electoral deficiencies among major voting blocs and no leader to unify the…


Turbulent priest

Paraguay’s establishment was shaken by the election of Fernando Lugo as president but his dubious removal after four years in power has failed to silence the outspoken former Catholic bishop. He spoke to Monocle on the eve…


Expo 62: Help is at hand

It’s part hardware store, part department store but ultimately defies description. It is a tokyo institution that sells just about everything and is loved by everyone. Welcome to Tokyu Hands.


Lay your hat

Tasked with transforming an old building on Kungsholmen island into apartments, architect Andreas Martin-Löf went back to its roots as a hat factory. And he was so pleased with the results, he moved in.


Noma hero

René Redzepi is regarded as one of the best chefs in the world and is credited with putting Denmark on the culinary map. Monocle meets the man at the forefront of the New Nordic cuisine.


Little wonder

Japan’s mini-car boom was rooted in affordability, low taxation and aesthetic myopia. Then Honda handed its new mini-car project to an F1 engineer, who surprised everyone by putting high-spec design at the heart of the kei…


Making scents

A centre of perfume making for centuries, the town of Grasse in the South of France is holding on to its reputation as fragrance capital of the world by developing new technology alongside time-honoured traditions.


A cut above

The successful passing down of knowledge from master to apprentice can take years of hard work and practice before its benefits start to be seen. It’s this level of craft and attention to detail that helps create some of…


Keeping it wheels

As city government initiatives help kick-off a cycling boom in the Brazilian metropolis, we look at the converging urban elements that are rapidly making Rio a pedal-power paradise. Then on the following pages we go global…


Business class

In under three years, Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti has rebranded a struggling carrier and is now competing as a major player in the nation’s skies. He tells us how it’s an airline’s staff that helps keep standards…


Food briefing

We speak to the man with possibly the best job title in the world - meet Mark Brownstein, international food hunter. Plus Austria's oldest preserve maker, our top three saucepan brands, a food-related film and other tasty…


Indie brands

Away from the brashness of Beverly Hills the hilly neighbourhood of Silver Lake has enjoyed a reputation for enterprising creativity for more than 80 years. Monocle meets today’s residents who are keeping the tradition…


Style is substance

This issue, Monocle throws a rigorous retail report into the usual mix of articles and briefings in the form of the Style Directory. Where to shop, who to watch and what to buy: we’ve got every angle covered.


Simple supper

The bistro Vivant Table is testament to the owner’s cosmopolitan upbringing, with its organic, fuss-free Italian and French food.

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