December 2012 / January 2013

Top team: the 20 collaborators and collectives to call on for 2013. A Monocle special report on the producers, designers, politicos and entrepreneurs you’ll want to spar with for your next venture.

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Perfect den

The Finns know how to do winter. This open-plan Helsinki penthouse is warm and inviting while still being bright and airy. It’s the perfect pad for hunkering down.


Starting again

Spain’s economic woes are creating a spirited entrepreneurial culture in its capital. We meet the people turning their fortunes around and revitalising neighbourhoods in the process, and speak to the mayor about the new…


Office party

The largest of its kind, Orgatec is a biannual trade fair that draws office furniture manufacturers from around the globe to the outskirts of Köln. It’s a chance for the industry’s largest names to showcase the office of…


Asia briefing

Why 2013 will be a year of economic and political uncertainty in Asia, and the politician Jakarta has high hopes for.


Eager weavers

Cebu is the manufacturing base for many high-end international furniture brands but it’s only recently gaining the recognition it deserves for its skilled craftsmanship. Meet the people boosting the city’s reputation and…


Oceania briefing

Issues high on the agenda in Australia, including defence and security, plus the big elections coming up and contenders to watch.


Boarding school

Commercial flying is always that little bit more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by passengers who cut a neat and well accessorised dash down the aisle. Monocle settles in for a two-hour continental flight.


Better together

You don’t have to do it all alone. Make sure you know who to call whether you are running for re-election, rebuilding your city or rethinking your retail business in 2013.


Home from home

Following the success of our Hong Kong shop and bureau set up, we’ve replicated the concept in Toronto’s Little Italy – only it’s 20 times the size.


Rock the Basra

Iraq has plans to build a shipping route that’s a cheaper alternative to the Suez Canal, starting with a port just south of Basra. It’s the biggest project ever undertaken by Iraq but will the war-ravaged city’s residents…


Future lab

Global leaders may be lacking in ambition but that hasn’t stopped us doing the heavy lifting for them. Monocle presents 10 grand projects that would make a big difference.


Food for thought

Denmark: home to the world’s first obesity tax, a globally revered restaurant (Noma) and a galaxy of informed and innovative food experts. We got four of the best together in a room to chew the (unsaturated) fat on their…


Makers & Shakers

For the second in this month’s special round-table series we talked with four businessmen about craftsmanship, manufacturing and the importance of where things are made.


The real deal

As we sat in Midori House we dreamed of one city where you could do all your Christmas shopping with ease. Then we realised where it was: Vienna.

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