October 2012

From Brazil to Mozambique and the Azores to Luanda, we take you on a tour of the Portuguese-speaking world – its people, policies, brands and opportunities.

Issue 57 cover


Americas Briefing

The view from the campaign trail, the sartorial style of Uruguay's president, plus Brazilian coffee, Chilean traffic and Canadian education.


A legacy of love

The old master still teaching his would-be successors new tricks, Álvaro Siza is as dedicated to architecture now as when he started his practice 60 years ago. Optimistic despite his country’s predicament, his focus is set…


Lake life

Buy a barn, take it apart, move it a few hours down the road and then rebuild it as a summerhouse. That’s exactly what architect Erik Persson did, resulting in his simple yet stunning retreat in the peaceful depths of the…


Defence Briefing

The downfall of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi in late 2011 had unforeseen consequences: thousands of Tuareg fighters employed by Gaddafi returned to their native Mali, adding considerable steel to a separatist movement in the…


Inventory No. 57

This month you can stock your kitchen with new kit before settling down with a good book and a glass of something – beer, wine or milk and honey, as you see fit.


Staying power

The Venezuelan port town of Maracaibo has long stood out from the rest of the country. Oil wealth means it’s set to become a Latin American hub – and a major pro-commerce, anti-Chávez stronghold in forthcoming elections


The Agrarian Kitchen

Three years ago, Australian chef Rodney Dunn and his wife swapped the city for the countryside to start their own farm-based cooking school. It’s a growing concern...


It's a mall world

Shopping malls in São Paulo are a cut above, with champagne bars, inhouse tailors and attentive service. Being a shop assistant can be a lucrative career and all this is because of Brazil’s new wealth. Monocle investigates…


Heli vision

Heli Air Monaco is still going strong after 36 years. The company’s secret? Embrace innovation while covering the basics of professional service.

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