November 2016

Canada calling: why it’s time to take a fresh look north. From Toronto to the high north – Monocle reports on a nation that’s flexing mind and muscle, re-engaging diplomatically and spreading its wings.


Time to shine?

In recent years Canada has become the envy of liberal nations the world over but the country still has work to do if it is to truly cement its position as a global leader. In this issue we outline all that’s great about the…


Maple leaf empire

Canada, one of the best-loved nations in the world, exports more than just good will and maple syrup. From peacekeeping troops to submarines and lentils, this vast and varied country makes a mark in the unlikeliest of…

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Brothers in arms

Canada may be seen as the perennial nice guy but its military are ready for a fight. We join them in Ukraine, where they are taking a stand against Russia.


Sikh and destroy

An ex-soldier, intelligence gatherer and police detective, Harjit Sajjan hadn’t long been an MP before landing the job as Canada’s minister of national defence. A year into the job, he’s faced some significant challenges…


City slickers

Canadians are rightly proud of their vibrant metropolises. But how does Toronto, one of its noblest urban hubs, compare to sister city and rival Chicago across the international border? We pitted citizens of both places…


Europe briefing

A third constitutional referendum in 15 years for Italy, plus the special bond between Québec and Bavaria.



What does it really mean to be Canadian? Is it an open-minded acceptance of refugees, being a leader on the world stage or perhaps even an affinity with an imagined idyll? We ask five natives to shed some light on this ever…


Hitting heights

Home to aircraft manufacturers, suppliers and associations, Montréal is a leading centre of aviation. At the forefront is Bombardier, whose new C Series planes will benefit the whole of Québec province – not to mention…


Hitting the mark

As Canada assumes a greater role on the world stage, the nation’s companies need to promote a positive impression of the country. From maple leaves and mountains to beavers and bears, we give the best of the bunch our…

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